We live in the best place anywhere. So we wanted to bring the best comedians from everywhere.


Come and enjoy three days' worth of world-class comedy: stand-up, themed shows, live podcasts and crowd-working shows as well as special events in the heart of downtown Petaluma.


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Festival Directors & Staff

Dominic Del Bene
Founder & Director

Matthew Layne
Producer & Associate Director

Amanda Del Bene
Talent Hospitality

Jessica Mozes

Jeff Zamaria

Ramin Rahimian
Festival Photographer

Maxfield Bala
Designer / Illustrator

Kathryn Musilek

Festival Volunteer

Interested in being a festival volunteer? How super rad of you! Drop us a line at info@petallama.com and we'll work it out.


1. What does FAQ even stand for?
I'm so glad you asked. It stands for "Frequently Asked Questions".

2. Do you guys offer festival passes for ALL ACCESS to all shows?
The quick and dirty answer is "We do not". The long version is that our venues use different services for ticketing and we didn't want to over-complicate things in our first year. The good news is that the tickets are super-affordable and you can go to as many shows as you like by getting tickets a la carte.

3. Why "Pet-A-Llama"?
Another great question. The festival founder's eldest son often mispronounced the word "Petaluma", instead saying "Peppayuma" and then eventually, in an effort to be hilarious, "Pet-A-Llama". Also, who doesn't love llamas?

4. Who are you guys anyway?
The festival was conceived by Dominic Del Bene who is a comedy producer from the bay area who is now working in Petaluma to produce comedy everywhere and to bring comedy to Sonoma County. Matthew Layne is a comedy aficionado who has a storied career as a musician and performer. If you cross paths, ask him about it.

5. Who is this new non-profit organization you've been chatting up?
Ooh, boy are we excited about Petaluma PAINTS. "PAINTS" is an acronym for "Provides Art INtegration To Students" and while the name kind of says it all, we're happy to elaborate. Petaluma PAINTS is dedicated to fostering a mindset of creativity and innovation through visual art integration for TK-8 students in the Petaluma City Schools. Petaluma PAINTS aims to make visual art integration a reality through the direct funding of art instructors, teacher training, supplies and materials, with the goal of teaching traditional academic subjects through a variety of artistic mediums including drawing, painting, sculpting, design, textiles, clay, collage and more.